Harmonic and anti-blown solution for power plants

VNG Director (right), along with Ebara's engineer, on an active harmonic filter project at the Ebara plant in Japan.

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Vietnam is now the destination for the world's leading technology groups. According to the Foreign Investment Agency, Ministry of Planning and Investment, Vietnam is now an attractive destination for FDI inflows. FDI inflows into Vietnam in recent years have increased dramatically. Especially in the field of electronic production.
An article in Bloomberg commented: Vietnam is becoming the "factory of the world". Looking at FDI inflows in recent years, Korean and Japanese hi-tech giants have repeatedly poured capital into Vietnam with many large and small projects. . The requirements of factories require stable electrical quality to protect their machines, saving that safety.
Giám đốc VNG (phải) cùng với kỹ sư của Ebara trong một dự án lọc sóng hài tích cực tại nhà máy Ebara - Nhật Bản
In fact, many hi-tech factories in Thu Duc, Binh Duong are affected by system grid failures that damage the chain. Although the power sector has made great efforts to improve the quality of service for factories and hi-tech zones, modern production lines have too strict requirements and therefore have to have major protection measures. Those chains.
In order to overcome the negative effects of nonlinear loads, there are many standards that limit the ability of nonlinear loads to produce harmonics and flashing voltages such as the IEEE 519 and IEC 61000 international standards. In Vietnam, the Ministry of Industry and Commerce also issued Circular 39/2015 regulating harmonics and flashing voltage allowed for each voltage level and each type of load. The purpose is to ensure the safety of electricity in general and in industrial zones to protect property, stimulate investment.
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Một hệ thống lọc sóng hài tự động FC đã được thi công với chủ đầu tư là Nhà máy thép Việt Ý           An automatic filter system FC was built with the investor is Viet Y Steel Factory Currently, these solutions and are being deployed widely in the world such as airports, hospitals, projects in industrial parks, ... Impressions of the domestic projects that VNG has cooperated and is currently Expansion: Harmonic filter project for FPT-Da Nang high-tech building; Harmonic filter project for EBARA (Japan) - Hai Duong pump plant; Harmonics project for Vinakraft Paper Factory (Japan - Thailand) - Binh Duong .... and many other projects in all three regions of North - Central - South proved the development and the Solutions to improve power quality and energy saving.  

Beside the implementation of existing projects, Global Investment and Trading Service Joint Stock Company is still organizing many seminars with electricity; The power sector to disseminate harm to harmonics and the way the process is handled helps the customer as well as the power management unit have a holistic view of power quality. With more than 10 years of experience in offering solutions: Harmonic Filter, Voltage Stabilization, Power Quality Improvement, SCADA System Design ... VNG is trusted and appreciated by many customers. Force, professional level, dedicated, honest.   Mr. Le Manh Hoa, Director of the company shared: "VNG company with all the wisdom, desire for innovation, experience and enthusiasm are always ready to develop, research, explore and invest in finding the The best solution, product and service to meet the strict requirements of customers. Besides, the company also emphasizes the desire to learn and the leading technology partner in the world in the field of electrical products in order to bring the best benefits to customers.