Acceptance Active Harmonics Filtering System at Nui Cam Cable Car

1. Active Harmonic Filter 
Harmonics was discovered in 1890. The power generated by the plant because the generator's stator wire is the standard sinusoidal form of the function u (t) = Usin (Ωt + β), during the transmission from home When the machine is in use, the waveform is no longer sine-shaped, but distorted by the physical process of nonlinear loads on the grid. When analyzing this distortion graph in the Fourier series T-cycle, we have:
Uo is the DC value of the harmonic function f (t).
Un is the peak value of the harmonics of n and αn is the phase angle value corresponding to the degree of harmony
Thereby, the harmonics can be regarded as the sum of the DC constants and the sine wave sequence whose frequencies are integer multiples of the fundamental frequency, where n> = 2 are the basic fundamental frequency pairs. Corresponds to harmonics level 2, 3, 4 ...... * n = 1 is the level at the fundamental frequency (with Vietnam's electrical system, Europe frequency is f = 50Hz, North America, West Japan is f = 60Hz) *
Active harmonic filters are manufactured to reduce harmonics in electrical systems, filters are widely used in advanced countries, and in Vietnam this is a new product line to meet the increasing standards of Power industry.
Harmful and volatile harmonics filter UPQ - a product of the company VNG
2. Cam Mountain cable car project in An Giang
Cam Mountain is located in An Hao Commune, Tinh Bien District, An Giang Province with an altitude of about 710m above sea level, also known as Thien Cam Son. This is the highest mountain of the spectacular Itanian region, a unique mountainous region not only unique to An Giang province, but also to the Mekong Delta. Especially, at the top of Cam Mountain, there are religious structures of Maitreya Buddha, sitting on the top of the mountain, 33.6m high, Van Linh Pagoda, Buddhist Monastery.
If traveling by car, visitors take 30 minutes to reach the top of the mountain, but with the cable car system travel time is only nearly 10 minutes. Sitting on a cable car suspended from the sky, visitors can admire the panoramic view of the majestic mountains and forests of the mysterious "That Son", viewed from the rooftops of the Western Plains.
Understanding the needs of customers, the safety of visitors, the investment company Global Trade and Services Vietnam (VNG JSC) has executed the project and also the first project of the branch company at Ho Chi Minh City.
The project is worked in detail by the company from the beginning and in the stage, deploying the package from the survey, measurement, design, supply, installation and training operation. Previously the company has implemented the supply of harmonic filter systems for the system of steel, Pumps, Brick, Building, building materials ..
Cam Project - An Giang a harmonic filter project of VNG
The forbidden mountain cable car is the first cable car system in the Mekong Delta by the Joint Stock Company. An Giang Tourism Development as an investor. The cable car has a length of 3,500m, with 02 terminals, including 16 pillars, phase I: 67 cabins with a capacity of 1500 people / hour (8 people per cabin), phase II: 89 cabins with a capacity of 2000 Person / hour This is a modern and safe service, it takes 20 minutes to get to the top of the mountain, but with the cable system, traveling time is only 12 minutes. After the company's harmonics filter system goes into operation, it will help the suspension system to operate stably, save power, improve the durability of the equipment, and help the safety of visitors.
3. Marking new collaboration on VNG harmonics solutions 
Mr. Chu Son Tung - Project Manager for Mountain Bending Cable Car Project said: "This is a package deployment project, complex operation equipment, terrain transport and construction is very difficult. The successful implementation of the project has been very active support from the management board of the An Giang Tourism Joint Stock Company. The system goes into operation will bring efficiency to the operation and operation of the cable system to serve visitors with the highest quality.
According to expert Aki Tiira, who has 12 years experience dealing with harmonics in many countries around the world, this is a difficult project because customers have specific operating procedures. As a result, the project team has to change the operating procedures several times, and research the installation and installation operations in a stable and efficient manner.
The successful implementation of the harmonized filter solution at the Cam Mountain cable system has once again confirmed its leading role in deploying harmonic filter solutions from global Vietnamese company (VNG) . Confirming the mission and desire of always leading solutions for the most difficult customers.