Ensuring consistency and reliability is one of the prerequisites of a modern business machine. Stability and low credibility will lead to significant risks to the company's profitability, as well as customer satisfaction.
    A modern business apparatus requires a high quality and continuous power system. Any disruption can also damage sensitive electrical equipment, and the consequence will be delays in work and production. These interruptions are often caused by power or load problems; This leads to a decline in stability and reliability.
    Investments in oil-type emergency generators, UPS systems and other power quality equipment have their own pros and cons. These traditional methods only provide limited protection against power quality problems.
    With our state-of-the-art UPQ harmonics filters and voltage stabilization, our UPQ will meet all the stringent requirements of voltage quality.
The problems the customer encountered
     • Interruption caused by power failure and pressure drop.
     • Damage in the production process and loss of important data.
     • The power source can not be fully exploited.
     • Cause damage to sensitive electrical equipment.
     • Shorten the life of the power source.
    Investing in oil-based emergency generators, UPS systems, and other power quality equipment have their advantages and disadvantages. These traditional methods are only capable of providing a finite protection against interruptions in power quality. Typically, this protection is limited to the source and the load.
    UPQ Power Quality Improvement Equipment is a unique solution that combines the advantages of different power quality improvement systems into a single system. The UPQ protects your lines against power failure, unwanted losses and ensures business continuity. UPQ provides comprehensive protection with two operational mechanisms.
     - Protection mode: In case of power failure or voltage drop, power protection mode is activated by UPQ. Throughout this mode, the UPQ provides real power to the load, ensuring critical line immunity from short-circuit power outages and voltage blinking.                                             Description: http://vngco.com.vn/admin/webroot/upload/image/images/UPQ1.PNG
 - Power Quality Mode: After the fault is resolved, the UPQ returns to normal operating mode as a device that provides power quality. In this mode, UPQ proactively filters 50 steps of current harmonics, corrects voltage flashes, improves load balancing and improves power factor.                                      Description: http://vngco.com.vn/admin/webroot/upload/image/images/UPQ2.PNG
Harmonic filters and UPQ voltage stabilizers are created by modern technologies:
     - Modular design: scalable by design with customizable modules.
     - Fast response time: In power quality mode, UPQ filters the harmonics and improves the power factor with a response time less than 1ms. During a power outage or a drop in voltage, switching to the power protection mode is faster than 10ms. This dynamic work efficiency optimizes the power supply continuity throughout the important production process.
     - Can be connected to any voltage level: Unlike conventional solutions, UPQ provides outstanding connectivity. It can be easily connected at any voltage level, up to 38.5kV. This flexible connectivity allows the design of a full power protection solution for the whole production process. This great feature keeps the production downtime to a minimum at the plant's full capacity.
     - Modern monitoring and reporting functions: The touch screen control panel provides advanced monitoring options. Remote monitoring via Ethernet, which updates through reporting functionality. Modern monitoring and reporting functions provide users with relevant information and options to integrate with other SCADA systems through intelligent communication features.
     - Complete humor filter with the ability to filter the harmonics from 2 to 50 sunshine city
Description: http://vngco.com.vn/admin/webroot/upload/image/images/UPQ3.PNG
     With a team of experienced engineers and have done many harmonics projects for many years. VNG's engineers will always be available from the stage of problem identification and service delivery until commissioning and training.
     Important production lines require a high quality after sales support mechanism. VNG's after-sales support strives to provide the fastest response to customer demand to ensure uninterrupted production.