Cabinet capacitor capacity of 1kV to 35kV

Tủ tụ bù trung thế 1kV đến 35kV

• Application of Medium Voltage Capacitors:
This is a compensator for high voltage motors from 3kV to 10kV in industries.
• Functions and characteristics of the device:
- Parallel connection of high voltage capacitors to compensate 3 phases or 1 phase with voltage from 3kV to 10kV. Aims are to improve the power factor.
- Reduce reactive power losses, improve voltage quality and reduce line losses.
- Improve the load factor of transformers and the efficiency of the load, reduce engine heat dissipation.
- Use an electric fuse to short circuit protection and ensure safe workplace equipment.
- Automatic switching and adjusting reactive power according to load demand.
• Working conditions:
- Working temperature from - 40 C to + 40 C
- No humidity when not exceed 95%
- The maximum working voltage does not exceed 110% of the rated voltage
- Maximum operating current does not exceed 1.3 times the rated current
• Parameters to be provided when requesting quotation:
- Type of engine, voltage, capacity and other specifications.
- Cooling type of compensation equipment.
- The largest voltage and harmonic components cause.
- Drawings (if any)

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