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Lọc sóng hài và ổn định điện áp (UPQ)


Uninterrupted Power Quality – UPQ is a unique solution that combines the benefits of various power quality systems within one single robust system. Merus UPQ protects your processes against power breakdowns, unexpected losses and ensures smooth profitable business processes.

Lọc sóng hài tích cực - Nghiệp thu dự án tại Cáp treo Núi cấm An Giang

Acceptance Active Harmonics Filtering System at Nui Cam Cable Car

VNGCO successful acceptance active harmonics filtering system at Nui Cam cable car - An Giang province

Lọc sóng hài tích cực hạ thế nhà máy bơm EBARA - Nhật Bản

Active power filter for EBARA pumping (Japan)

- Time of project: 2016
- Location: Hai Duong province
- Name of project: Supply Active Power filter for Ebara pumping

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